About Aset


Aset is my middle name. It is the Egyptian name of the goddess commonly known as Isis. I’ve spent 30 years (so far) gently and respectfully correcting the spelling and pronunciation of my name. It seems I was destined from birth to be an editor.

Copy Editor, Dilane Anner, with her grammar pet peeve. The sign reads, "who and whom we need both pronouns people."
Here I am with my pet peeve, the elimination of whom.
Image Credit: Emmy Favilla of BuzzFeed @ ACES National Conference April 2015

I’ve been formally writing for almost 20 years and editing for 10 years. My first editing job was as copy editor for the daily student newspaper of my alma mater. I learned to love words while late-night editing stories before they went to print. Since then I’ve held various editorial roles at corporate (Forbes, tronc {formerly Tribune Publishing}) and public (Howard University, NASA) organizations.

I like to consider myself a language guide. I want to help individuals and organizations express themselves in the best possible way and to the most ideal audience.

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