I Read Other Things Too – My First News Digest

I’m a journalist by trade, technically, and I do spend a lot of time each day reading articles and  newsletters from my favorite outlets. I’ve decided to compile a collection of news I think is interesting, relevant, and/or problematic. I’m basically making a digest each week.

It’s new. Just go with me.

The Washington Post’s, “In 6 graphs, here’s why young women don’t support Hillary Clinton as much as older women do” for obvious reasons.

The Post also did another great story about how long commutes are the worst. I know from personal experience.

HuffPost Black Voices, “Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Says Black Church Can Help With Depression. I thought this headline was misleading. It’s a wonderful story, though. This hit home for me because I am hyper aware of the dangers of untreated mental illness, especially in relation to people of faith and people of color.


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