Thoughts on the Global Pandemic: Comfort

Six months under the ever-present gloom of a pandemic and I am finally learning some new ways to enjoy life safely. 

I am self-isolating alone. That’s not always ideal. Even I, a devoted introvert who committed to this at home lifestyle long before COVID-19, get lonely and miss other people. I made a list of all the things that bring me comfort and joy during these trying times. I wanted to use this moment to get creative with my work environment since it’s my home and I am in control. 

Wearing slippers not shoes: I despise shoes, but I also despise cold feet. I have an extensive selection of cute slippers and fuzzy socks that I get to wear and show off (on FaceTime and Zoom) all the time. No shoes ever anymore.

Warm beverages: *Sheldon Cooper voice* My Keurig is my favorite appliance hands down. I love using it to make coffee, lattes, apple cider, ginger tea, green tea, etc. I have ton of just add water mixes. I also make some from scratch. Now, the weather is cooling. It’s the best.

Mood music: I love to play music while I work. It has to be music without words. My go to options are smooth jazz and classical. I have Apple Music stations that ever just perfect ambient noise. Another option are the scores to my favorite movies. I am currently obsessed with the soundtrack of The Photograph. And I highly recommend the film, if you haven’t seen it. Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield are just *chef’s kiss*.

Writing: Doing this. I haven’t had the energy or mental bandwidth to write in years. The archives of this blog are a testament to that. But now that I don’t spend three hours each day lugging myself to and from my job, I have more time and energy. I get to spent it doing a thing a used to love.

Yours in hope and solitude*, D A Aset

*I got this phrase from The Island of Dr. Moreau. Fantastic Book. Highly recommend. Also, highly recommend Orphan Black (TV show). That’s where I got the idea to read The Island of Dr. Moreau.

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