Thoughts on the Global Pandemic: Election Day

This election coverage is no good for my mental health. I voted weeks ago by mail as I always do. Since I will not spend the day voting (because it takes hours in some parts of the country); I am making a plan for how I will be spending my day.

It’s confirmed. My ballot was accepted and submitted. Civic duty done.

I’ve decided to stay off the internet. I have the privilege of taking the day off and not working, so I won’t be required to be a functional human being that day. My plan is to spend the day drinking mimosas and watching One on One on Netflix. It was my favorite show when it was airing. I’ve been saving re-watching it for this specific purpose. I’m hoping the nostalgia will be all-consuming enough that I don’t even notice the world outside my bubble.

I am making my favorite dish, lo mein, for myself and my mother.

I pray for all of our safety, no matter the election’s outcome.

Yours in hope and solitude.

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