Introducing Aset Editorial Services Part I

I thought I should do a series explaining myself and my business. I wanted to set expectations and provide some background, starting with the service that I am most excited to offer: resume editing and sculpting.

I have two degrees in journalism and media, but I had not been successful in finding a job in that field. Recession, down sizing, blah, blah. We’ve all heard the stories. In fact, I went to graduate school because I couldn’t find a job. #ImAMillennial

But I still needed to work, duh! So I reworked my resume to reflect a new, equally interesting field. I re-worded job experience to focus on universal skills and secured a position in sales operations. Operations was much more accessible to me and I’ve worked in this field for five years.

Dilane Mitchell standing at a podium and speaking into a microphone. Behind her is a screen that says, "Editing is a lifestyle."
During the ACES 2019 National Conference I presented a panel about how I made the transition from editing to sales operations. Photo Credit: Brenda Dunn, attendee.

I presented a panel about my transition at the 2019 ACES National Conference and wrote a follow-up article on the ACES website outlining a few tips to other editors who may also want to change careers. I had discussions with several of my peers who were looking to make a change.

I realize that there are many people who would like to change careers, but need assistance and guidance as to how to go about that process. I’m here to help. I am so excited to help guide others closer to a career of their dreams.

Grammar Nerd Heaven aka American Copy Editors Society Conference

I’m a member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES). I spent several days in Pittsburgh for their annual conference. For months I have been participating in their #ACESChat every other week. I was so excited to meet my copy editor friends in the physical real, so excited to discuss grammar, editing, and inclusionary language. ACES 2015 did not disappoint. It was like living my favorite dream for three days.

These are my people.

It was a sentiment that rang from every session, swept through the halls, and surged from the chests of all the attendees. Copy editors, are notoriously introverted. We spend most of our days in cubicles and offices, alone, reading, writing, reading about writing, and writing about reading. We are often surrounded by people who do not understand how much we love the English language.

But — for three glorious days — we are engulfed by people who get it.

For three days, we didn’t have to hide our nerdiness. For three days, we didn’t have to explain what “decompress” means or why we need to do it every day. We were free to love language and punctuation and there were no apologies necessary. In fact, we reveled in it. Continue reading

Surprise! I Miss Journalism

I never thought I’d say that. Ever.

I thought I had chosen the wrong major, but my scholarship wouldn’t pay for me to reroute and take a fifth year, so I trudged through. Once I graduated I never looked back… Until a month ago.

I have been participating in a Twitter chat with the American Copy Editors Society, ACES. (The hashtag is #ACESchat. They’re every other Wednesday. The next one is December 3, just FYI.)

I love them.

I look forward to them. They’re the highlight of my week. I love taking an hour out of my day to just talk editing with other people who regard it highly. That’s uncommon, even among journalists. I’m planning to attend their conference in March 2015.

Then two weeks ago a professor of mine asked my class to live tweet a political panel of journalists who’d covered the midterm election. My heart soared to hear so much journo talk. After, my professor told me that he could tell that I missed journalism.

I thought,

“no I don’t… Do I? I miss journalism? I miss journalism!”

I still can’t believe it. I’m slowly starting to accept it’s truth though and I’m making plans to get back in the swing of things very shortly. We’ll see how it goes.

Am I alone in this? Did you ever leave something you thought you’d never miss and then suddenly miss it?