Thought on the Global Pandemic: Working from Home

I was recently given permission to work from home permanently. SO HAPPY. SO GRATEFUL.

My commute was hellish. It was such a struggle just to get to work; once I arrived, I was already tired and grouchy. Now, I have a whole new morning routine formed by what makes me feel good and prepared. I’m going to do a later post about that. I thought I would love everything about working from home. To my own shock and surprise, there are a few things about working from the office that I miss.

  1. My work chair: I never thought once about how different my work chair is from any of the chairs in my home. It was designed specifically to help me sit in it and work all day. The first couple of months I was home I did not have one and my body noticed the difference. I took a trip to my favorite store, Office Depot, and bought a new. My lower back is grateful.
  2. My desk: I had so much space to stack things. My cubicle walls were made of something that allowed me to hang things. I had risers and several drawers. I miss them so.
  3. My work family: there were a couple people in my office that I enjoyed chatting with and although we still chat via Teams and phone calls, it’s not really the same as coffee in the break room. My introvert nature is so grateful for the silence, but I have made it a point to reach to my work friends. I miss them.
A collage of Facebook posts describing several terrible commuting experiences.
For your viewing pleasure, a collection of my Facebook posts bemoaning my hellish commute.

I am hyperaware that working from home is a privilege. It’s one I am grateful to have. I will continue to adjust and keep posting as I learn. Maybe one day, I’ll be back out in an office and back to complaining about the state of the office fridge.

Yours in hope and solitude, D. A. Aset.