I had the nerdiest weekend ever.

Saturday was BookCon. It was so much fun! The got a gallery of Dark Matter coming from Penguin Random House. They also gave away copies of The Wrath and the Dawn. Eeeeekkkk! 

I purchased Wytches: Volume One. I read the first three pages while waiting for a panel to begin. Big mistake. I’m going to have the worst nightmares. 

A portion of the floor at BookCon

A portion of the floor at BookCon

Lunch with friends.

J, per usual was the mastermind behind this whole thing. I just went along with her. I’m grateful she included me.
I met Daniel José Older! If you recall, I gushed about how much I love him and his books in my 2016 preview post. He was so sweet! Please go read all his books if you haven’t. 
The author of this blog with author Daniel José Older.

Daniel José Older, my shiny forehead, and I.

I’m now on my way to see Captain America: Civil War. Have a great weekend all!