Introducing Aset Editorial Services Part II

Presentation Review

I worked in non-profit communications and management for three years while employed by the Howard University NASA Beltsville Center for Climate System Observation. The work was incredibly fulfilling. Our grant program recruited and funded students from underserved communities who were pursuing degrees in fields related to NASA. I learned to translate their exclusive science jargon into plain language for a broader audience. This is especially important in the context where the audience’s ability to understand a person’s research and it’s importance affects support and funding.

My favorite of my responsibilities was assisting the students and researchers with preparing their research presentations. A few times each year, our oversight committee would visit our site or our team members would travel to conferences to present research updates.

Five problems consistently emerged:

  • Crowding: too many words and/or images on a slide
  • Timing: focusing on some slides, rushing through others
  • Contrasting: slides do not appear well on screen
  • Imaging: photos or chart poorly placed
  • Glaring: poor quality images

I can help you make the best presentations possible. I will review your content and rework it, if necessary, to improve visibility, as well as format the presentation so that the information is as easy to visually digest as possible.