January #24in48 Readathon Wrap-Up

#24in48 was amazing!

Here’s my original stack:

    1. Midnight Taxi Tango
    2. The Rogue not Taken
    3. All the Bright Places
    4. The Night Wanderer
    5. I Thought It Was Just Me
    6. Feminism Unfinished (finished)
    7. Career of Evil
    8. Beastly Bones
    9. The Round House
    10. Fences

On my e-reader I also have:

    1. Giant Days: Vol. 
    2. Giant Days: Issue 5
    3. Giant Days: Issue 6
    4. Lumberjanes: Issue 9
    5. Lumberjanes: Issue 10
    6. The Color Purple
    7. Cure for Dreaming

Final tally: 16 hours; 3 books, 1 graphic novel, and 2 comic book issues.

My favorite part was checking in on Twitter with my fellow readers. I don’t have access to a group of book lovers to talk to very often, so this was a welcome change. The hashtag really worked well. I just kept a tab running on Tweetdeck and checked-in every couple of hours.

I did need a better way to track my time. I was constantly forgetting to start/stop my timer. I’m going to figure out a better way to measure time read for the next #24in48 readathon on July 23-24th. This time I have plenty of time to plan. *marks calendar*

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