*Updated* #24in48 Hour 12 Check-In

The Readathon is going strong. We are 12 hours in. 

I got one hour of reading in this morning before life (read: mother and siblings) got started. I made some progress on Midnight Taxi Tango by Daniel Jose Older. It is completely creepy in the best way. Also, full of badass heroines, beyond the one on the cover, and lots of diversity. 

Cover of Midnight Taxi Tango

Reading Midnight Taxi Tango in bed

I’m now out and about running errands, but in managed to slip away for 15 and finish two issues of my favorite comic Lumberjanes.  

cover of Issue 10 of Lumberjanes

Issue 10 of Lumberjanes

You can find my reading in my little nook with book stack and snacks nearby. 

Carry on readathoners! 36 more hours to go.


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