Thoughts on the Global Pandemic: Routines

I have been working from home for eight months now. I’ve developed some routines to help me as I adjust to my new normal. Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed that phrase. Oh well, here we go:

My apartment is so dark! Since daylight savings time has ended and the sun goes down at 5:00 p.m. I have noticed that I need a lot more light in my office. I ordered some new lamps.

This is something I probably should have been doing anyway, but now I’m at home and have no reason to feel self-conscious. I try to take a stretch break every two hours. This is also a good time to take a bathroom break or refill my water bottle. Take a moment to check in with my body.

This may need to be its own post. Yes, it does. But for now, I will say that I consider making – not just drinking – coffee part of my self-care routine. Cameron’s Winter Blend is my current favorite. The only possible way to have a good day is to start with coffee.

I have so much energy because I don’t spend almost three hours a day commuting. (See previous post.) I plan meals and I cook meals. I can experiment with recipes and flavors. My body loves the act. It helps me decompress and serves as a transition from work to not work. It’s like I get to make little gifts for myself.

Now, I have time to squeeze fresh grapefruit juice in the morning. #NoMoreCommutingEver

I contemplated leaving this one out, but it’s my website. I am a cerebral person. Sometimes, I get lost in my head and hyper focus on work tasks. Taking a break from staring a two big screens and working to stare at a small screen and not work isn’t helpful to me. So, I pick a small chore each day and take a break to do it. Today, I cleaned the tub.

I expect to continue to learn more about myself and make more adjustments as time goes on because all signs point to an eminent second shelter in place order.

Yours in hope and solitude, D. A.

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