To Coffee, my dearly beloved

I don’t remember a time when drinking coffee was not part of my daily life. My grandmother got me into the habit when I was three. Lots of creamer. Picture warm milk with a few drops of coffee for color. I was persistent and my grandparents were indulgent to their—at the time – only grandchild.

My father introduced me to Starbucks when I was 12. He only let me order coffee-free Frappuccinos, but that was all I needed to make Starbucks my place. I even worked there for a year and a half. I absorbed all kinds of obscure facts Starbucks coffee and coffee in general. For example, coffee beans are the pit of a specific cherry. I loved working there. I might still work there if they paid a living wage, but that’s a different post for a different day.

As time in my home alone draws on, I started searching for physical things to do to ground myself in the present. Enter my beloved coffee to provide support, per usual. I turned making coffee every day into a routine.

First, I pick out a coffee mug. I have an extensive collection now. The result of years of both a lifelong love of coffee and a hellish commute where my only solace was coffee in a beautiful mug. I have small and large ones. Cute and snarky ones. I vary them depending on my attitude. The one that gets the most use is a huge mug that says, “I’m silently judging you.” It was a gift from my baby sister.

Next, I pick out a coffee blend. This is where I take a detour into sustainability for a moment. I have a Keurig. Those Keurig K-Cups make more plastic waste than I am comfortable with. I have two ways to address it.

My new favorite coffee company Cameron’s makes plastic-free K-Cups. They’re called eco-pods. I am looking their Winter Blend right now, but I have tried all the flavors. They are all good.

I also purchased a reusable K-Cup to use, so I can brew Starbucks coffee at home. Just a note, if you buy this type of K-Cup, you must buy your beans whole and have them ground because standard ground coffee in a bag is too coarse. Learned that lesson the hard way. Starbucks will do this for you at any location if it’s their coffee. They’re Holiday Blend is delicious. Drink it black delicious.

The last part is the hardest, but it’s the best. Be still. Just enjoy the moment. The smell of fresh brewing coffee is top five smells in life.

Breathe deep. Stretch. Sip. Enjoy.

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