In the last year, I’ve become more sensitive to feminist language and themes in (or absent from) popular culture. I’m preparing to participate in a panel later this month at #ACES2016 about feminist language and when I saw this commercial for Ariel — called Tide in the U.S. — I was floored.

I almost cried at my desk. After the series of disasters that Super Bowl 50 commercials were, this was pure delight. This video was especially powerful because it was a man, recognizing his complicity and making a CHANGE in his BEHAVIOR. ALL ON HIS OWN! *Muppet arms*

A couple of years ago there was the Tanishq Jewelry commercial with the blended family and now this.

I’m. Here. For. It. ‪#‎ShareTheLoad‬

Media in Media Series

I’ve noticed that my posts about new media and popular culture receive a lot of attention and interaction. I’m going to keep the posts on this theme coming regularly. Below are the links to the other posts in this “series,” yeah, that’s what I’m going to call it: the Media in Media series.

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You can also find the collection of them by clicking the pop culture category below, in case I missed some, which I’m sure I have. I just posted one (with a poll *hint, hint*) and I’m working on a great one with the show Bones, on Fox and it’s got a feminism twist too!