Why This Raccoon Is a Big Deal

*Spoiler* in the full video he figures it out and manages to eat the cotton candy, a.k.a. candy floss internationally (learned something new), on the third try.

I almost cried real tears the first time I watched the original video clip. I couldn’t believe how moved I was by this, but after thinking about it it really boils down to this.

  1. This raccoon was given a good thing – cotton candy.
  2. The treat disappears suddenly; he isn’t even able it enjoy it.
  3. The raccoon has no idea what happened to this great thing he had.

As a young adult who is frequently getting kicked around by life, I. Get. It. That look of total despair as he searched for a treat that we all know has just dissolved into the water. That is real life. That is adulthood. Sometimes, *cough* often, things just go wrong in life and we have no idea why.

But just as often, we figure it out after 1 or 2 more tries and we get to actually eat our treats.

Here’s to figuring it out in 2016!


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