#24in48 Readathon

I’m participating in my first Readathon this weekend. 

I’ve been in a slump for about two weeks; which is really disappointing, because I started my reading year very strongly. I heard about #24in48 from BookRiot’s Liberty Hardy and thought it was so cool.

The goal is to read for a total of 24 hours during a 48 hour period, 12 a.m. on Saturday to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. I’m so freaking excited. This challenge allows me to sleep, which is critical. It’s also helpful that Monday is a holiday and I don’t work. 

I’m hoping to use it to finish a few books I’ve started, but not finished and a few that are due back at the library shortly. Plus, it gives me even more reason to ignore the world and that’s something I definitely need to do for myself this weekend. 

The stack of books I am reading for the readathon

Here’s my stack for #24in48

My stack (from top to bottom):

  1. Midnight Taxi Tango
  2. The Rogue not Taken
  3. All the Bright Places
  4. The Night Wanderer
  5. I Thought It Was Just Me
  6. Feminism Unfinished
  7. Career of Evil
  8. Beastly Bones
  9. The Round House 
  10. Fences

On my ereader I also have:

The first five are comics and I plan to use them like palette cleansers and reading during meal breaks.

  1. Giant Days: Vol. 
  2. Giant Days: Issue 5
  3. Giant Days: Issue 6
  4. Lumberjanes: Issue 9
  5. Lumberjanes: Issue 10
  6. The Color Purple
  7. Cure for Dreaming

See y’all on Monday!

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